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Motorcycle and Formula 1

It all starts with a beautiful story. Michel Finquel, owner of the brand was interested in safety in 1964 creating the first fireproof suits for pilot, under NAZA brand. The greatest Formula 1 drivers have worn a GPA® helmet or a fireproof suit: Jackie Stewart, Nelson Piquet, Alain Prost, Jacques Laffite, Gilles Villeneuve and many others. Patrick Pons, a GPA ambassador, was the first and only french motorcycle pilot that won the world championship back in 1979. Prioritizing safety above all else, GPA® innovates and creates its first full-face helmet. Despite a mixed perception at the time, it is clear that it has been successful today. GPA® thus leaves an indelible mark in the world of Formula 1, rallying and motorcycling and obtains with its pilots multiple medals in the world rally championship.


With this knowledge from motor racing, who better than GPA could meet the safety and comfort requirements of riders. In 1998, GPA created the first homologated new generation riding helmet, the inspiration for all current helmets.

« When I saw my daughter riding a horse, I was afraid for her » (Michel Finquel, founder of GPA). To fill an obvious lack of safety in the equestrian world, Michel Finquel wishes to use his experience of safety in the service of the equestrian world. Pioneer in its field, GPA marketed the first approved riding helmet in 1998 : a modern helmet compared to the hats that we knew at the time.
Many cried foul but it is truly with this innovation that GPA created the 1st safe and modern riding helmet.

It was quickly followed by a second, even more daring and innovative model: the Titium.
The demands of the equestrian world growing, GPA created a specific model for intense efforts: the Speed'Air. This model is put on the market and immediately meets with worldwide success thanks to its recognizable design among all and its unrivaled ventilation system to date.

In 2010, with its First Lady model, GPA® was the first brand to dedicate a helmet to exclusively female customers looking for elegance. These models will inspire all contemporary helmets, a true recognition of GPA know-how.

Always with the aim of providing increased safety for riders, in 2015, the range of 4S helmets was born. This helmet is no longer composed of 2 protective layers like most helmets on the market, but of 4 layers, for even more safety.

In order to offer our riding helmets the support and stability provided by motorcycle helmets, GPA developed in 2018 a revolutionary chinstrap concept in terms of protection and design.This chin strap was redesigned in 2022 by the GPA teams for even more support, safety and comfort: the Twin Lock System.

This new version represents such a breakthrough in terms of security, we want as many riders as possible to benefit from it. GPA has therefore made significant investments in R&D to make its price more affordable.

To meet all expectations, GPA has also declined the TLS chinstrap in a Hybrid version. This system offers better neck protection than the classic chinstrap.

GPA® has always been strongly involved in high-level sport thanks to partnerships with the greatest riders, a presence in the most beautiful horse shows as well as committed work with various national equestrian federations.


Over the years, the brand has also diversified into the various equestrian disciplines such as racing, endurance and polo.Thanks to internationally renowned jockeys, such as Christophe Soumillon and Olivier Peslier, GPA® has won the Grand Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, the Prix de Diane and the Jockey Club several times.

Because of their safety guarantee, GPA® helmets have been chosen by authorities such as the French army and police, the Republican Guard, the English, Norwegian and Italian police, the Irish and Italian armies.

With its five consecutive gold medals at the Olympic Games, titles at world and European championships, GPA® is unquestionably the reference brand in the world of horse riding. GPA® has often been copied, but never equaled!


With its know-how and expertise from motor racing, GPA® was the first manufacturer to offer approved riding helmets on the market, even before the standard was made compulsory at European level.

Promoting this new standard and making it essential has been a fight that GPA has led for several years in order to bring more safety to riders.

In addition to its extensive experience in the field of safety, GPA® relies on a network of professional riders to support its research and development efforts. These high-level athletes, uncompromising in terms of quality and comfort, test new products and advise the GPA® technical teams on the optimization to be made.

Knowing that the prototypes, before their appearance on the market, are tested in situation by the best riders in the world, is undoubtedly a real guarantee of satisfaction and reliability for each rider.


Norme CE


The range of GPA helmets complies the draft standard EN1384-2017

Norme ASTM


The GPA range of helmets complies with the current American standard ASTMF1163-15 and is also SEI (American quality label) approved.

These mandatory standards are a guarantee of product safety and quality. They are very strict and are constantly evolving to optimize the safety of riders.

Following tests are carried out in approved laboratories :

  • The impact test corresponds to a fall of the rider on the head and measures the absorption capacity and the distribution of the shock in the helmet.
  • The lateral deformation test simulates the crushing of the helmet by the horse during a fall. It measures the ability of the helmet to resist deformation.
  • The penetration test measures the helmet's resistance to blunt objects that could puncture the helmet.
  • The retention system resistance test verifies that the helmet is properly held on the head in the event of a fall and monitors that the elongation of the attachment system is not too great.
  • The visor test checks the flexibility of the visor in order to avoid nasal fracture in the event of a fall.

GPA regularly carries out internal production control tests, thanks to our integrated laboratory, in order to best guarantee your safety.