Your frequently ask questions

1Where are the GPA® helmets made ?
GPA® calls on the know-how of the best French designers who have created helmets with a pioneering style. The proof is, GPA® has often been copied but never equaled! The production is 100% made in Italy with high quality materials to exceed the requirements of European EN1384-2017 and American ASTM F1163-15 safety standards. Buying a GPA® product is ensuring maximum safety and unequaled comfort.
2When do I have to change my helmet ?
After a fall or an impact, the helmet undergoes a stress. The outer shell is there to prevent penetration (example: angular stone, hoof kick). The liner (internal shock absorber part) specially designed for this feature, absorbs the shock wave by deformation. So after a shock, even if the outer shell does not appear damaged, the liner no longer fulfills its role of shock absorption. Only the external part of the helmet will be active, but the internal shock absorber part will have a very reduced role.
3After how long should I replace my helmet?
No law sets a precise limit from which the helmet must be changed. The life of the helmet depends on several factors. It is generally recommended that you replace your helmet five years after the date of purchase. Indeed, over time with temperature variations, with humidity and small knocks, your helmet will become fragile and be much less protective during an impact.
4When to change the inner foam of the helmet?
This procedure must take into account hygiene and comfort. We will opt for a replacement in the following cases:
  • Internal lining of the helmet dirty and/or worn
  • To guarantee the stability of the helmet on the head when the foams have collapsed.
  • Adapt and/or best optimize the helmet to the head
the structure of your helmet and reduce its effectiveness in the event of a fall.
5Can I paint my helmet ?
This is totally inadvisable because some paints are based on very corrosive products. The use of these products could damage
6Does a more expensive helmet mean greater safety?
No, a more expensive product is not a guarantee of greater safety. Any helmet with En1384-2017 certification, as is the case with GPA® helmets, is in itself a guarantee of safety. The price differences are explained by the choice of more or less technical materials.
7Are the helmets used by the riders of our GPA® team different from marketed helmets?
No, the helmets used by professional riders are strictly identical to those sold in stores.