The Redline Collection


With 50 years of expertise and know-how in the design of helmets to serve your comfort and your safety, GPA has created the innovative new «Redline» collection. Following a patented principle, this new generation of helmets will allow for a new level of shock absorption and double the safety.

Helmets are traditionally made of two layers, a rigid shell and an EPS foam liner.

The Redline range of helmets are designed with 4 elements, the 4S, whose sandwich superposition allows for remarkable damping, and better resistance to lateral compression.


casque_speed_air_4s-gpa The shaped turbo effect visor channels airflow to the air vents and reduces lift at high speeds. In elastomeric terms, it reduces the risk of fractures of the nose. Interchangeable.
casque_ first_lady_4s   With the same benefits as with Speed Air 4S, its wide coverage provides ideal protection from poor weather conditions, the sun and glare.


Speed Air Ventilation with three front louvers and two rear louvers with space to allow air flow within and between the two hulls.

Leather chin strap.

Anatomical jugular in black stitched leather. Secured by 4 riveted fixing points. Ensures a perfect fit for the helmet in any circumstance. Contour of the interior EPS in Red leather for comfort, aesthetics and durability.

Contour de l’EPS intérieur en cuir Rouge, pour le confort, l’esthétisme et la durabilité.

Interchangeable and adjustable comfort foam interior padding. The different thicknesses available allow the helmet to perfectly fit all body types. Antibacterial and breathable sanitized treatment and Coolmax. Machine washable.

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