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CE approved according to EN1077 class B.

This helmet has been designed, made and approved to ensure optimal protection during downhill skiing and snowboarding activities. It must not be used for purposes other than those recommended by the manufacturer.

As a precaution, it is imperative to wear it during all downhill skiing and snowboarding. For proper protection, this helmet should be worn properly and adjusted according to the volume of the head; for this purpose, several sizes are available to the practitioner. For maximum protection, this helmet must be in close contact with the head and the retention system must always be properly adjusted and used in accordance with the proper instructions of the supplier. For children, do not take a bigger helmet on the pretext that his head will get bigger. To avoid the risk of pulling off the helmet, it is advisable to adjust and tighten the chinstrap (the two parts must be buckled by a perfect snap of the Dual Lock). To be properly worn, the helmet must not move forward or backward or sideways. Any other solution to change the port may compromise the safety of the rider.

Check the internal and external condition of the helmet and the chin strap before and after each use. When the helmet is not in use, it is advisable to place it, in its cover, away from light and not to expose it to a temperature below -20 ° C or higher than +50 ° C It is imperative not to carry out repairs or modifications, and to transport it carefully. This helmet is designed to absorb some of the energy at once by partially destroying the protective cap or padding, or both. As this damage may not be visible, all helmets that have been impacted should be discarded and replaced. The production date is inside the helmet. The life of this GPA helmet will depend on the care taken in its maintenance and the frequency of its use. It is advisable to change the helmet every four years. This helmet can be worn with GPA ear muffs to protect your ears from the cold. Any additional accessory, not approved by GPA, (eg camera), could affect the functionality and performance of the headset.

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Additional information


52 GPA (51cm), 53 GPA (52 cm), 54 GPA (53cm), 55 GPA (54cm), 56 GPA (55cm), 57 GPA (56cm), 58 GPA (57cm), 59 GPA (58cm), 60 GPA (59cm), 61 GPA (60cm)

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