Ski Goggle Pack 3 screens



Complete package with:

1 ski goggle, Irridium Orange EVO screen for the most extreme weather conditions (high protection, category 3). White elastic adjustment with GPA logo. Double foam layers in contact with the skin to prevent air from passing and for comfort.
Comes with two interchangeable removable screens:
1 anti-fog screen, cat 1, smoked orange color
1 night screen, very pale yellow, cat 0.
Everything comes in a cover and a EVA preformed zipped hardcase.


Iridium screen for sunny days: spherical orange double lens revo and brown. Cat 3.
Anti Fog Screen, Orange Double Lens, Cat 1.
Night Screen, Double Lens Yellow, Cat 0.

Additional information

Additional information


52 GPA (51cm), 53 GPA (52 cm), 54 GPA (53cm), 55 GPA (54cm), 56 GPA (55cm), 57 GPA (56cm), 58 GPA (57cm), 59 GPA (58cm), 60 GPA (59cm), 61 GPA (60cm)

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