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Drawing on its know-how and expertise acquired in the car racing world, GPA was the first European manufacturer to put approved riding helmets on the market, even before the standard was made mandatory Europe-wide.

GPA, your guarantee of satisfaction and reliability

Initially concentrating on show jumping, GPA then widened its range to cover all the riding sports: eventing, endurance, polo, driving and gallop races.

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Initially focussed on highly technical disciplines and activities, GPA then turned its attention to providing top level technological advances in the field of horse riding.
A precursor in this field, GPA has demonstrated its serious commitment by using high-performance materials combining safety and comfort:

  • Carbon, used mainly in aeronautics for its qualities of resistance and lightness
  • Textalium, used in automotive construction
  • Aluminium, used for bicycles because of its lightness
  • Lorica, for its water resistance and its aesthetic attractiveness
  • Titanium, stainless steel, etc…

These materials have enabled us to revise the design of helmets while keeping their safety and comfort features.




GPA relies on a network of professional riders, each of whom tests the new products and advises the GPA technical teams on how to optimise them.

In order to improve our quality approach and contribute to our efforts in research and development, the professional riders intervene in the following areas:

  • Choice of textiles and materials
  • fit of the helmet on the head in the different sports
  • Ventilation, airing
  • Comfort
  • Coating

Before our models appear on the market, the prototypes are tested in real riding situations by the best world-class riders, thus providing a genuine guarantee of satisfaction and reliability for each rider..

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GPA Institutional

Because they perfectly mett the safety standards, GPA riding helmet have been chosen by the most demanding authorities : The Army and the French Police, the Republican Guard, the English, Norvegian and Italian Polices, the Irish and Italian Armies and so on.