Global concept collection

For over 50 years GPA puts its experience and expertise in the service of your safety and confort. The new helmet collection “Global Concept” innovates reinvents cephalic protection.

In fact the survival cell technology used in Formula 1 makes it possible to obtain an ultra-rigid but nevertheless very lightweight shell that dampens shocks from the inside. This cap is composed by kevlar and a layer of honeycomb. This layer set ensures optimal performance. The implementation of the epoxy pre-impregnated composite is carried out in our workshop in France

The outer shell is designed on a multilayer protection concept. The latter consist of a first carbon layer and a second carbon and kevlar layer. Both guarantee an extreme rigidity and resistance to compression, abrasion, anf perforation. An honeycomb layer 5 mm thick increases the inertia of the shell in order to obtain an optimal shock absorption. Finally a last layer of carbon completes the cap composition.

For optimum safety the helmets “Global Concept” are equiped with double protection. Like 4S helmet, the outer cap is reinforced with a second carbon and kevlar. Its excpetional strength maximizes resistance to deformation, crushing and perforation.

Anxious to provide the confort you deserve, GPA has developed a specifically designed EPS with multiple air channels. The latter is deformed during a shock to absorb the energy of the impact and amortize at best.

Different interchangeable sunshade have been specially designed for the collection “Global Concept”. Due to their compostion in carbon composit and elastomer resin, they ensure optimal damping in case of a facial fall. Available in a several color and materials, they allow personalization adapted to the desired use. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

This helmet line revolutionizes safety by adding protection for the cervical vertebrae. This kevlar carbon retention system reinforced the whole structure and so the crush resistance. In addition the side straps become obsolete bring comfort and aesthetics by freeing the face. Numerous tests of loosening approves the excellent maintenance of the helmet on the head. Equipped with a black anodized aluminium magnetic buckle, the chinstrap easly attach.


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